John Heine is a multi-faceted commercial real estate broker who provides a full range of brokerage and consulting services. His real estate practice is rooted in careful investment analysis, attentiveness to his clients and their objectives, building long-term relationships, and life long learning.  John believes that the most successful brokers are the ones who solve problems and create opportunities for their clients – earning trust and forming partnerships – not the brokers who are out seeking the highest commissions.

John provides the following services to his clients:

Investment Property Sales

Investment property sales are transactions of income producing property types. These include:

  • Multifamily properties including - stabilized, value-add, and redevelopment projects
  • Multi-tenant office, retail, and industrial properties
  • Single Tenant Net Leased Assets
  • Investment land

John has experience in the purchase and sale of each of the above types of properties.  For a list of available and recently sold properties, please click here.

Owner/User Sales

Many business owners enjoy the benefits of owning real estate, especially if they are in an appropriate cycle and have stability within their business. John guides his clients in the purchase of a new location or sale  of an existing property, which can be an arduous and distracting task for business owners.  

Landlord & Tenant Representation

John helps landlords find tenants through his understanding the leasing process, knowledge of market terms, having an awareness of active prospects, and marketing to those prospects.

Tenants benefit from John's guidance in identifying numerous spaces that meet their objectives and an understanding of potential terms that a landlord may request.  John provides value to his clients through his knowledge of the market, including rental rates, tenant improvement dollars, and lease structures.  This expertise is advantageous to both landlords and tenants. 

Sale - Leaseback

A sale-leaseback is an avenue for a company to create cash flow by selling its property and signing a lease for its existing space. The seller remains in the property and becomes the lessee, and the purchaser becomes the lessor.  The rent expenses are tax deductible to the lessee and the lessee can remain in control of the property.

The purchaser/lessor benefits from the sale by having a stable stream of rent payments in place at the time of purchase in addition to the underlying residual value of the asset after the lease expires.

Asset Management

 On an ongoing basis, John provides insight and guidance to his clients who own commercial real estate to help ensure their real estate operations run as efficiently as possible. This may include oversight of property management, leasing the property, and big picture strategic items such as advising clients on the best time to refinance properties, protest taxes, sell, or buy.

If you are interested in learning more about the above services, please contact John.